Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Good China


First of all, welome to my first blog. Iv been planning on starting my own blog for a while now so I finally got round to it this week.

For my first blog I am going to write about what a lot probably would not dream of buying and definitely would not want as a gift. Its something that your Mother or Grandmother had in the house and would be associated with the older generation.

It’s the good china! Personally I have always loved china and would love to get a set of good china as a gift. My love for it definitely comes from my mother. Growing up we always had good china in the house and was taken out at Christmas and special occasions. Along with all the other good cutlery, good serving dishes, good table cloth etc. It made occasions that extra bit special when you used things that were not used everyday. Half my poor Mothers good china was broken by us as children but there is still plenty of it in the house and we have added to it through the years with great finds at antique auctions.

So what triggered off my idea of writing a blog on China is that I am beginning to see it back in shops again. (I am currently trying to source good quality sets for dress my home but its hard to get a reasonably priced sets where the cup actually sits on the saucer or the cup is so wide your tea would be flying out with any sudden movements)

Basically I want to give you a few ideas, apart from its traditional uses, on how  you can use those odd bits and pieces lying in back of cabinets.

The first one is my favourite. I got married last year and for my cake I used some of my Mothers china cups and saucers as a display around our cake and as a cake topper.

Odd plates can be bunched together on a wall. I am actually starting this one myself. I have two plate so far in my collection.............

I love candles in china cups and who doesnt like candles

This is a great idea. Personally I think I would like the cups and saucers matching.

You can simply use your china cups to display some flowers. Leave them sitting on your kitchen window, bathroom or anywhere you would usually leave a vase. There sure to be noticed

Thats it for now. I hope you enjoyed my blog and got a few ideas. I would love to hear back if anyone is already doing this. Please post some pictures to my facebook page

Until next time.


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