Friday, 31 August 2012

An Oganised Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Its where we cook, where we eat, where the family pet eats, the kids do their homework, where unexpected visitors sit for a chat. So, naturally with all these things taking place on a daily basis it can the messiest room of the house. With the kids going back to school and a new season nearly upon us you maybe thinking of re-organising your kitchen in order to make this part of your life run a little bit smoother. I find I work much better in my kitchen when its tidy and everything is in its place, easy to find and at hands reach. I like to have utensils and ingredients in front of me so just at a glance I can find them easily....but I don't like clutter.

Tips for a more organised kitchen:

Cooking - Around your range/hob place your utensils in a holder or from hooks and your pots and pans in a cabinet directly beside the cooker or from a hanging utensil holder - only keep out the items you use on a daily basis.

Ingredients - Arrange ingredients such as baking ingredients in their own cabinet. Use see through plastic containers for small items such as sprinkles and decorations. This keeps them together and easy to find.

Daily Ingredients - Ingredients you use on a daily basis can be left on your worktop or around you cooking area. Eg eggs in an egg basket. Salt, pepper cooking oil on a little shelf beside your cooker

Mini Kitchen Office - Multitasking is the norm in many kitchens so make it as easy as possible. While cooking you want to take note of an ingredient you are running low on. A blackboard on the wall is great for jotting down notes or a memo board for holding the receipt of an item you need to return or for holding the family appointment cards. So the next time someone is asking you, while your doing the washing or cooking or cleaning, what time is my dentist appointment or telling you we need more can point them in the direction of the mini kitchen office.

You have to love this kitchen. Everything is on the worktop...utensils, egg holder, teapots...yet its not cluttered looking due to no overhead presses
Create a little kitchen office by hanging a blackboard, memo board and a basket or two for holding pens and odd bits and pieces


I love the hanging racks for your pots and pans in these kitchens and also hooks on the walls beside the cooking area for your utensils
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