Friday, 30 March 2012

Decorating Your Easter Tree

I love Easter! For me its always a time when we know winter is definitely behind us and we have the summer to look forward to. Its such a colourful time of year.....and a great excuse to sneak in some chocolate to the house too! An Easter tree is a simple way of bringing some colour into your home and something that is becoming more popular here in Ireland but we are way behind the likes of Germany, Austria and other Eastern European countries where the Easter tree tradition began. Easter egg trees usually are either real outdoor trees or indoor plants or branches that have beautifully coloured eggs hung upon them. In Germany people may find decorated trees outside during the Easter season, though many people also have them in their homes
An Easter tree in Germany. Isn't this just fabulous!

Making your own Easter tree is very easy and can be as large or as small as you like. Work with what you have and time you have to do it. A couple of small ones placed on your table on Easter Sunday or a feature tree on a side table or sideboard would be sure to brighten up your home. Followers on my Facebook page will be familiar with my own tree I decorated a couple of weeks ago

To make your own tree you will need
Jug/vase/any utensil
Flowers - optional
Oasis - optional
Decorations - all of the decorations on my tree are available on my website

In my tree I used branches from a beech tree, which, I stole from my Fathers garden, but any branches will work. Easter egg decorations are usually very light so the branches do not need to be as a strong as beech.

Basically I started off with getting the branches. Don't cut them too short at first to allow for trimming when arranging them.
I also used a few flowers but you would get away with not adding flowers.
Oasis may also come in handy if you find they just wont stay in place for you. This may be useful for lighter branches.
Once you have the branches in place, add your decorations.
Another option is to get a tin of spray paint in your local hardware and paint the branches. I did this  a couple of years ago and then used the branches after Easter just on their own in a jug. You could also add decorations to it at Christmas too!

Here are some more ideas for creating your Easter Tree.






Hope this has been of some help. I would love to see some of your Easter trees so please post them to my facebook page. I have still some Easter decorations available on my website at but stock is limited so hurry.......


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