Thursday, 26 April 2012

Attic Conversions

I called to see my friends Dad last weekend, who is a bit of a handy man to say the least and is always doing bits and pieces around the house. I always enjoy calling but unfortunately I don’t call often enough. It was a few years ago since I was in the house and there had been loads of changes. The biggest and most impressive change was his attic conversion. The number of grandchildren is growing every year as he explained, so he needed an extra area for those important family occasions where all could stay in the one house and not miss out on the fun and banter and believe me there would be plenty in this house.

My visit got me thinking on how much space we have in our houses that we don’t use properly. Most of us use our attics for those bits and pieces that we’re not too sure what to do with so its thrown into the attic and out of sight out of mind….when in a lot of cases if we had proper organised storage it could be put away neat and tidy and easy to find if needed again. My friend’s dad, who has been in the house for 40/50 years and reared a big family, told me he got rid of three trailer loads of rubbish. Some of which was still there from previous owners.

I’m sure there are loads of you who have sufficient sized attics that could be used as an extra bedroom, office space, play area etc but the thoughts of starting rooting through the years of hoarding and wondering what to keep, has been enough to put you off doing anything with it. I’m sure there is also loads of you who had planned on selling your current home and upsizing to a larger one but with the economic climate this is not viable now and you have to work with what you have…..maybe you have more than you think…and could add value to your home…if not in fiscal terms but quality of life.


Check that your attic can support an attic conversion – a builder should be able to tell you

Measure your attic to make sure you will have sufficient space and also the height is very important. You will need a minimum height of 7ft at the highest point to make it comfortable.

A permanent conversion will need a permanent stairs so do you have space in your landing to fit in a stairs. This is required to comply with building and fire regulations which is important if you plan on selling in the future.

Lighting – If you need to add extra windows you may need to get planning permission. Planning is not needed for velux window on back of house but no harm to check beforehand.

Insulation and ventilation – You want an area that will be warm in winter and not too stuffy in summer so make sure your attic is insulated well, which will benefit the whole house, but also has sufficient ventilation.

Will you be touching a party wall. You may need permission from a neighbour.

Hope all these tips have been of some help to those of you thinking of converting your attic. Here are some pictures of attic conversions to give you inspiration. Also check out my site for loads of accessories to dress your attic.


Love the bright colours and painted ceiling. A lovely hide away

Loads of space in this attic. You could also put a freestanding bath in middle of floor if your attic had less space

Love the wallpaper in this room. See the way they also wallpapered the ceiling making the room feel bigger

Another fabulous bathroom and some nice storage ideas. Love the window seat!

Again great storage ideas here that would not cost a fortune.

Use the same colour on walls and ceilings to open up the area

Love the colours in this attic. Loads of personality and all belnd so well together.

This is a very well designed attic conversion. The paly house is so cute and fits in perfect and also divides the attic into two areas.

This is a great idea for an attic. The bed is not too high and great storage underneath.

More and more people are working from home and an attic is an ideal place to turn into an office. Away from distractions.

This is not really suitable for an attic but thought it was such a clever idea for items you wanted to store away safely in a garage.

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